Youth Wrestling Memberships



A Safe and Secure Practice Facility

    AWW uses the Wiregrass Ranch High School to provide a quality program to offer  children the experience of the sport of wrestling.  The Wiregrass facility offers a safe environment proven to be a positive learning environment for wrestlers. The Wiregrass facility is a trusted location that is already established in the local community and is an excellent partner for a wrestling program.

The Coaching Staff

    The coaching staff at AWW is dedicated to the safety of your child.  The coaches are experienced professionals and will always place safety first.  Each coach and staff member supervising children has passed a police background check.  Many of the coaches are high school wrestling coaches in the local area or in the surrounding states.  You children are always in good care.  

Memberships, Fees, and Scholarships

    The AWW program is 100% focused on the children and a tough challenging program.  The membership fees are collected to maintain and sustain the program.  AWW does accept private donations and offer public entities and businesses to provide scholarships for those children to participate in the program.  If you know of a child that wants to participate in the program and is not because of financial challenges, see the AWW staff and they can discuss scholarship opportunities.  There are limited scholarships, but the staff will do their best to accommodate as many wrestlers that have an interest in the sport.  


    AWW offers three scholarships for the student athletes within the program.  The scholarships are competitive and are decided by the AWW staff based on a number of factors.  The three categories of scholarships are academics, community service/good citizenships and special needs. These scholarships will be issued each quarter and at the discretion of the AWW staff.  The scholarship can only be applied to the cost the quarterly membership and has no cash value.  


    The AWW attempts to keep the costs of offering a quality wrestling program , services , staffing and operational expenses to a minimum.  To do that, some of the funding is needed to come from private donations and donations from our local community partners. To support our club please see our "Sponsorship" page at the link below.  If you have any other questions please email us at