Be A Volunteer

Different Opportunities to Get Involved

Coaches Assistants – Are usually parents of wrestlers that help assist the coaches during practice ensure the safety of the wrestlers during live wrestling periods or help the kids with going over some of the moves demonstrated during the drilling sessions.  

Team Managers– Generally, every team has two or three managers that assist the Head Coach in the management of the team.  The Team Managers maintain organizational  equipment, ensure transportation arrangements are coordinated, accommodations are reserved, dates are confirmed, and other administrative matters are attended and addressed.

Social Medial Coordinator – The Social Media Coordinator manages the social media platforms for the team.  They take pictures, update results of past events, post future or upcoming events and keep the public up to date on the activities of the team.  

Statisticians - These are probably the most important people to our wrestlers.  These volunteers maintain the statistical data from each meet or tournament.  The statistics include not only the wins and losses, but takedowns, reversals, nearfalls, escapes and pins.  These statistics are important because at the end of the year individuals are recognized for their individual accomplishments and some of these statistics may have an influence on the type of award or the type of recognition the athlete receives.