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As a youth program dedicated and committed to the athletes, children and staff members we serve, we are recognizing all precautions recommended by Pasco County, the State of Florida, and the Center for Disease Control.  We are suspending all training until further notice.  Thank you for your support.  

About Us and Wrestling


Wrestling Changes Lives

Champions Are Made, Not Born

Wrestling Changes Lives

We offer your son or daughter the opportunity to participate and challenge themselves in an organized team sport that builds self esteem through physical training, discipline, technique, coordination and repetition.  

It is the self esteem and confidence that a wrestler has that makes them very different than any other athlete.  Wrestlers do not get bullied and they are not bullies.  They have learned discipline and earned and gained respect because of their hard work and commitment to achieving set goals.  Wrestlers understand that no matter how tough the task may seem, it can always be accomplished when they put their minds to it.


Like No Other Sport

Champions Are Made, Not Born

Wrestling Changes Lives

Wrestling is just different!  It's a team sport that places emphasis on individual performance.  There is a direct correlation to the amount of work you put into your training to the the results you get out of your individual success.  When you step out on the mat, there are NO EXCUSES, its just you and your opponent. May the best wrestler win!

In a football game the quarterback can miss a throw.  A lineman can miss a block or a receiver can drop a pass. In basketball, a player may miss a free throw or not pick up a blocking assignment.  In wrestling, its just you.  You cannot "pass the buck" on anyone else and for that reason alone it makes the wrestler learn to be accountable for their own actions.  

American Warrior Wrestling is a premier youth wrestling club that offers scholastic (folkstyle) wrestling in Wesley Chapel Florida. The club offers parents the opportunity to watch wrestling and observe their children participate in wrestling games as they develop their skills and improve their abilities through a variety of different  coaching techniques that make the sport fun to learn.  


Champions Are Made, Not Born

Champions Are Made, Not Born

Champions Are Made, Not Born

It is hard work and dedication to achieving set goals that are the foundation of every winner.  Many of those lessons wrestlers learn on the wrestling mats follow them into their academic and professional careers for the rest of their lives which makes them very successful at whatever they set their minds to.

NBA superstar Kevin Durant said "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard".  He was 100% correct.  In no other sport is that more evident than in wrestling.  If a wrestler steps out on that mat and is not 100% percent ready or prepared to wrestle at their best, their opponent has the opportunity to humble the person with the "talent". There are no excuses! 

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