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    Over a grueling two-day period (Jan. 4-5), 84 teams descended upon Freedom and Exhibition Halls on the grounds of the Kentucky Expo Center to compete in the 2019 Multi-Divisional National Duals presented by The United States Marine Corps and Defense Soap.  These 84 teams competed in five divisions, NCAA DII, NCAA DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, & WOMEN’s.

    The Women’s Division at the National Duals began in 2005 and is comprised of NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA institutions. This season, the NAIA will be holding their first national invitational tournament that will take place in Jamestown, ND.  To recognize the NAIA and their commitment to the development of women’s wrestling the NWCA gave the Highest Finishing Women’s NAIA Award for the very first time.  Wayland Baptist won this inaugural award while finishing in 3rd Place overall behind NCAA DII schools, McKendree (1st) and King (2nd).

    “The tremendous growth of women’s wrestling at the high school and collegiate levels is truly amazing.  We are excited to help promote the continued expansion of women’s wrestling and hope that this new NAIA Women’s Award will help this process. I would like to congratulate the Wayland Baptist women on this award along with their coach Aaron Meister.”  Said NWCA Executive Director, Mike Moyer.  He went on to say “We are excited to continue to grow the National Duals in conjunction with NUWAY Wrestling and believe that our new location in Louisville will help this process.”


  • NAIA – Grand View (IA)
  • NCAA D2 – St. Cloud St. (MN)
  • NCAA D3 – Augsburg (MN)
  • NJCAA – Northwest Tech. (KS)
  • WOMEN’S– McKendree (IL)
  • *NAIA WOMEN – Wayland Baptist (TX)
    *First year of the award

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For more information about girls wrestling in Pasco County, FL or at American Warrior Wrestling and at Wiregrass High School contact Coach Ketler at

Wrestling is the fastest growing sport for females in the US

Times have changed.  The days of saying "you fight like a girl" are OVER! Now, fighting like a girl has been redefined by women that have become CEO's of major corporations, top business executives, Generals in our military, Champions in the UFC, and leaders of Nations.  Those women did not just "happen" upon those skills that made them successful.  They developed them over years of hardwork, practice and discipline.  Wrestling is the one sports that teaches and develops those characteristics.

You Wrestle Like a Girl

Girls are now empowered to achieve the same goals and the boys.  Wrestling is the only sport that allows this opportunity to challenge girls and compete on the same level as their male counterparts.  In the State of Florida, the girls will wrestle boys until the end of season State Tournament when the females enter into their own tournament.  However, you notice, no other sport allows female participation (football, basketball, soccer, baseball) like wrestling.  

10yr Girl vs 10yr old boy

Wrestling doesn't care if youre a boy or girl.  Who ever is the best prepared for the match usually wins.  As you can see, this little girl was well prepared.


This is an adorable video, but when a girl knows how to wrestle, she is very capable of handling herself.  She will have the knowledge, skill and confidence to not only defend herself against someone else, but she will have the physical endurance and ability to do it as well.  

An interview with a champion

"Wrestling is an art form..its like a chess game but with my muscles.." USA Olympic Champion - Helen Maroulis

Nike commercial-What girls are made of

Girls can be what ever they want to be.

Girls winning gold at the Olympics

Wrestling has always been one of the most popular  amateur sports in the U.S., however, it has recently become one of the fastest growing female sports.  In previous years, countries like Russia and China have dominated the female wrestling category at the Olympic level.  In recent years, times have changed.   As the sport has been quickly growing in the U.S. the United States female champions like Helen Maroulis and Adeline Gray have established themselves as the new U.S. and world leaders.

Girls and Wrestling

The Fastest Growing Sport for Females

Since 1994 wrestling has been the fastest growing sport at the high school and college level for females and women.  It has grown from 800 females to nearly 12,000 today. And continues to grow everyday.

Women Wrestling in College

Over 30 colleges now offer a female varsity wrestling programs.

Females and the Olympics

Since 2004 the U.S. Olympic committee has officially made female wrestling a class of Olympic competition.  Other countries such as Russia and China already offered women's wrestling as an Olympic sport.  It hasn't been until recently the U.S. has started producing female Olympic Gold Medal women's wrestling Champion's in wrestling in Helen Maroulis and Adeline Gray.

More Women Wrestle in College

Are you surprised that that more women prefer to wrestle in college than participate in crew, fencing, skiing, the rifle team, Rugby, sand volleyball, and the equestrian team. Even as those sports have been in place for years, wrestling is still growing and will start to surpass many of the larger traditionally female dominated sports.

Florida Girls State Tournament

During the regular wrestling season, females will wrestle their male counterparts throughout the season.  However, at the end of the season, the females have their own State Tournament.  During the female state tournament, they wrestle other females.  But don't let that fool you, these girls are about as tough as nails!  

Like any sport, female wrestling in Wesley Chapel and girls wrestling in Wesley Chapel and the surrounding area will continue to grow as the sport continues to grow and expand.  AWW will be the tip of the spear of that supporting that female movement.  

Establishing an ALL GIRLS TEAM

As the popularity of wrestling continues to grow, especially with girls, we would like to be the first wrestling club in the Tampa Bay area to offer an all girl team.  We will have to wait to see if we have enough of an interest with our girls to have an ALL-GIRL team, but we would be very proud to put forth the first ALL-GIRL team in Tampa.