Why wrestling is better than any other sports

Wrestler's do NOT get bullied


The fact of the matter is, wrestler's are respected.  Every child knows who the wrestler's are and they all know what the wrestler's are capable of doing.  No one wants to mess with a wrestler!  Wrestler's are strong, quick, agile, and intelligent.  They don't start fights but don't allow others to get bullied either.  Wrestler's are the model students and will always do the right thing by sticking up for themselves and for others.  

Learn Self Control and Discipline


Unlike any other sport, wrestling teaches our athletes so many  lessons that translate into their daily lives.  Wrestling develops their emotional intelligence, their humility, and discipline.  It teaches them respect and more importantly, learning how to lose with pride.  The exercising of these skills on a regular basis will set these athletes up to conquer almost any challenge they face in life as an adult.  As wrestling great Dan Gable was quoted "Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy".

Competitions and Scholarships


Wrestling offers student athletes the opportunity to compete at a variety of State sanctioned events here in Florida (and other States as well).  The student athletes participate in the State Championship Tournament and compete for the title of State Champion.  Once earning that State title, many colleges and universities offer those top competitors scholarship opportunities that would not otherwise be offered if the athlete did not participate at a high school sponsored sport.

The most inclusive sport


As you get to decide which sports to encourage your child to participate in, keep in mind that wrestling in the MOST INCLUSIVE sport offered at the high school level.  Any child, boy or girl, any size, shape or skill level can wrestle.  No special equipment is needed and no special location.  Just two athletes and a mat.  As the athlete develops and progresses into their high school years, they will have the opportunity to compete at the high school varsity level. Not all recreational sports such as boxing, karate or jui jitsu provide that opportunity to do that.  Those aforementioned sports limit your child's ability to develop and assimilate into their high school sporting programs and do not allow them to compete with their peers and earn recognition within their high school athletic associations.  Wrestling is a sanctioned varsity sport at virtually every high school in Florida.  Your athlete has the opportunity to receive accolades from their school, in front of their peers and be recognized at their educational institution.  

Our Wrestling Facility


American Warrior Wrestling trains at the same facility as the Wiregrass Ranch High School.  In fact, Warrior Wrestling was founded with the intent on providing the Wiregrass Ranch High School  and the surrounding schools in the Tampa and Wesley Chapel areas  a feeder program and offer the kids an opportunity to wrestle before they even reach the high level.  Many other areas throughout Florida have similar programs for youth wrestling and it was time Wesley Chapel  and New Tampa did too! 

Keep Your Kids Healthy


So many kids these days have turned to their video games for their single source of entertainment.  Wrestling is considered a "combat" sport and is the REAL DEAL.  We offer kids from the age of 5 to 18 the challenge of wrestling and allow them to experience the rigor of a real wrestling match.  Its one thing to play a fight, its another to actually participate in controlled one.  We place a heavy emphasis on conditioning and allow the kids to exercise as they learn.  They will become extremely physically tired and will be pushed harder than they have ever been pushed before.  As a result of their hard work, they will see their bodies slowly start to change and they will become a healthier, more fit child.  In many cases, the wrestling lifestyle becomes more of a way of life and they incorporate the healthier lifestyle in much of their everyday routines.