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    American Warrior Wrestling is YOUR community wrestling team.  Its a program for our children.  Its a safe place to learn discipline, to get exercise, to build self confidence and be a part of a team.  In wrestling, not everyone gets a trophy, but everyone does have the opportunity to compete and earn one.  

    Wrestling promotes building a strong work ethic.  It builds character.  It teaches the athlete that they can overcome challenges and win, even when things seem overwhelming.  

    It is these characteristics that makes wrestlers stand out from ALL OTHER types of athletes.  We encourage our local community members to get involved with our wrestling program here at the club but to also get involved with their local high school as well.  We encourage our local businesses to sponsor our youth athletes and help support the scholarship programs so that more children can learn and grow with the LIFE LESSONS that are learned on the wrestling mats. 

Learn more on how to be a sponsor

There are many ways and opportunities to get involved.  The team is always looking for volunteers to help manage equipment, update social media, take photos, etc.  We also need financial donations as well.  In many cases, businesses can also donate services such as food, equipment for tournaments, office space for trophy night or tournaments, photography services, or even volunteer employees to help manage a large wrestling event.  If you are a business owner or manager would like learn how you can support your local club, please contact the staff because nearly every type of service can be applicable to supporting your this youth program.  All of your support and generosity is GREATLY APPRECIATED.  

Support your Local youth Wrestling program Today!

There are many ways for you to contribute to your community youth wrestling program.  You can donate any amount to American Warrior Wresting Club at any time from the privacy of your own home, business or office.  Your cash donations support equipment purchases, and offsets transportation and tournament costs. 

     American Warrior Wrestling also offers three types of scholarships.  The three types of Scholarships you can support are: 1) Academic 2) Good Citizen 3) Special Needs.  You can also create your own scholarship category for a special cause or in the name of friend or a family member. If you prefer, at your  request, you can remain anonymous.   You can also name a specific person or group that you would like to sponsor (for example female wrestlers ages 10 and under OR special needs scholarship fund).  For more information on donations or  scholarships please see our CONTACT US section and email us any questions you have.

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