How to apply

At American warrior Wrestling, we believe in the warrior ethos of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  In supporting the SPIRIT of wrestling, we offer scholarships in three categories for each calendar quarter. 


The scholarships are  awarded to student members based on academics , being a good citizen to their community and for special needs or circumstances.  

ACADEMICS.  The first scholarship is for those students that achieve academic distinction on their report cards for the previous academic quarter.  The student member  will compete with other students and will have their courses and overall evaluation conducted to determine which students will be granted the scholarship(s) for that quarter.  

GOOD CITIZEN.  The second category of scholarships are for those students that give back to their community.  The Good Citizen Scholarship is for those students that go above and beyond for their neighbors, community organizations, or other fellow citizens.  The evidence for the scholarships will be evaluated by the staff to determine the qualifications of the credit earned.  

SPECIAL NEEDS.  The third scholarship is the special needs or circumstances scholarship.  This scholarship is designated for those students that do not fall into the first two categories, but may fall into some other special situation that otherwise qualify for special considerations for a scholarship. 

These scholarships will be evaluated and determined on a case by case basis by the staff as needed.

Scholarships are limited each quarter and are awarded  at the discretion of the Executive Director and the coaching staff.  Not all applicants that apply will qualify.  All applicants are encouraged to apply or reapply each quarter as scholarships may be awarded to multiple athletes based on funding available and donations received.  Scholarships may be won numerous times.

Scholarship Nominations

If you know of a child that is deserving of one of the scholarships please submit their name(s) and any information and supporting documentation you have with their submission.


If you would like to donate or sponsor a child's scholarship please see our "Be a Sponsor" page or one of our coaching staff. 

For more information about scholarships please email us at