Bella (5yr) vs. Bryce (4yr)

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What Youth Wrestling looks like

Many first time parents think wrestling is like what they saw on TV from the days of people like Hulk Hogan and The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.  The reality is, wrestling is actually one of the safest sports your child could participate in.  No other contact sport has such a closely monitored athlete to official/referee ratio than wrestling.  As you can see the smaller children actually do more rolling around than anything else.  

Watching the change is amazing

As a parent, you often ask yourself, where does the time go as you see your child develop from the baby into the young person.  Wrestling is the same way.  As you watch the videos of the small kids roll around on the mats, then in just a year or two you can them develop into very competitive athlete.  As you look back at their videos you can see and watch their progress develop and grow as an athlete.  The change is remarkable.  

The high school level

Its hard to believe these guys are still "youth wrestlers" but these are the best of the best at the high school or "youth" level. Some of these kids will go on to try out for the Olympics and many will get scholarships to their favorite collages or universities.  Wrestlers enjoy more academic favors in athletic scholarships than any other sport at the college level.   So, if you wrestle well, you are more likely to receive some type of financial assistance as a wrestler than any other sport.