Pennsylvania Powerhouse Wrestling Clinic

1 day of Classroom Training


Much of the wresting community fails to address some of the most important aspects of wrestling: diet, exercise, nutrition, weight loss, sleeping, rest and recovery.  Our classes are also going to educate the parents as well. We will provide classes for scoring, tournament seeding, bracketing and fundraising.  

3 days of Instruction


The PA Powerhouse Clinic will provide 3-days of some of the BEST wrestling training offered to the top athletes in the sport.  Three of the top coaches in the sport today will provide quality technique training for your student athletes.  Unlike other wrestling camps that focus on the "intensity" this clinic focuses on the instructional technique offered by the top instructors.



At the conclusion of the clinic all attendee's are offered the  opportunity to enter the "No Bull" IBT.  The IBT entry is free of charge for all clinic participant and is an opportunity to apply the new moves just learned.  

Coach Josh Dziewa, Drexel University


Coach Dziewa currently coaches at Drexel University, Pennsylvania.  Prior to joining Drexel, he was an assistant wrestling coach at the University  of Pennsylvania.  He wrestled at both Pennsbury and  Council Rock High Schools, P.A.,  where he earned three regional championships  and one State Champion.  He boasted a career high school record of 124-7 and was the Asics First Team - All American.   He went on to wrestle for the University of Iowa and became the Big 10 Runner-up in the 2014-2015 season and posted a record of 29-9 while becoming a 2X NCAA qualifier.  

Coach Chuckie Connors, Formerly of University of Virginia


Coach Connors is a former University of Virginia wrestling coach.  He is now the Head Coach for Bishop Egan High School, PA while he runs a premier wrestling club in the Philadelphia suburbs of Bucks County, PA where he trains the top wresters in the Northeast Philadelphia area.  Coach Connors wrestled at Pennsbury High School where he was a State Champion his Senior year and runner-up his junior year.  He boasted a career record of 130-5 with 84 pins.  He wrestled at the University of North Carolina where he became an ACC Champion, an All-American and selected for the All - ACC Team.  He posted an impressive 104-20 college record and was one of the most successful Tarheel wrestlers in the schools history.  

Coach James Mangan, Beat the Streets Philadelphia


Coach Mangan  is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Beat the Streets Program.  He currently manages the program with over 1,100 student athletes.  He started his coaching career with one of the most successful wrestling programs in Philadelphia, the Police Athletic League which produced numerous State Champions and college All-Americans.  Coach Mangan wrestled in the Philadelphia City League and wrestled at Frankford High School where he established himself as on of the top wrestler's in the City and dominated the competition at his respective weight class.  Coach Mangan has established as one of the top wrestling experts in the City of Philadelphia.      

1st Annual PA POWERHOUSE Wrestling Clinic

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